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Creatures Collection

Ocean Dreams

Porifera and the fundamental interconnectedness of all things

I am a believer in the “the fundamental interconnectedness of all things” as coined by Douglas Adams. It’s a humorous truth and in a world where global urbanisation has moved many of us away from our deep connections with nature. We all have our own idea of places we feel happy and connected. For me, it’s the sea – an extraordinary otherworld. Porifera are weirdly beautiful animals that are found from the shallows to the abyss, gracing us with their beautiful forms and colours while playing a vital role in sustaining ocean ecosystems. This work is a celebration of them. 

Ocean Dreams
The Most Charming Creatures

Seeing the Unseen

Following along in the same theme of fundamental interconnectedness, these most charming creatures, are inspired by the beautiful forms and significance of marine phytoplankton. They may be microscopic but they make life on earth possible.

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