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I am a believer in “the fundamental interconnectedness of all things” as coined by Douglas Adams. It’s a humorous truth in a world where global urbanisation has moved many of us away from our deep connections with nature. With deep connection - comes a sense of the value and importance of all we are connected to. I feel this most strongly when in or around the sea – an extraordinary otherworld. My work is inspired by my underwater experiences, the language of bubbles and the amazing world of strange and wonderful marine creatures. I aim to celebrate them and their alien beauty with my work whilst bringing attention to our deep connections.

Ocean Dreams
The Ascidians

Our distant cousins

They sound like an alien race from a Sci-Fi epic, and while they may appear to be, theses gorgeous marine creatures (Tunicates/Sea Squirts) are our closest invertebrate relative. Like us, millions of different faces, each one unique.

The glass elements are made from repurposed and re-melted waste glass and the limestone base from quarry waste.


Sculpture: We're all in the same boat 

Inspired by our oceans, the state of the planet and Ascidians.

Part of the 'Our Ocean' exhibition at Rachel Bebb Contemporary, 11 May - 8 June 2024.

Sculpture: All together now

Inspired by our oceans, the state of the planet and Ascidians.

Part of the Sculpture at Doddington exhibition 20 July- 1 Sept 2024.

Not a Plant
Not a Plant

Special Project - Coeden: Amid the trees

The oceans are not my only love, I have loved trees all my life and like so many others, I have become fascinated by the world of fungi so eloquently explored and described in 'Entangled Life' by Merlin Sheldrake. A big part of our sustainability work is around planting trees and re-establishing hedgerows where we live, so I was thrilled to be asked to create some special work of the upcoming exhibition at Upton Castle Gardens in Pembrokeshire.


The exhibition, titled Coeden: Amid the trees, seeks to explore the relationship between trees, forests and their role in human lives and imaginations past and present. I have made both indoor and outdoor sculptures for this based on repurposed and or re-melted waste glass, and repurposed stone and metal. All inspired by our connected lives.


Ecosystem Engineers

Limpets have always fascinated me and I explored making them a few years ago. This collection is an evolution of those early ideas merged with and influenced by the stunning Cardigan bay coastal landscape and the beautiful Preseli Hills. Developed with Ellie Issacs of Studio Ellie Maya (@studioelliemaya). Shown at Formed with Future Heritage, The Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour with Studio Ellie Maya and now available from her website. 


Porifera and the fundamental interconnectedness of all things . Porifera, better known as marine sponges, are weirdly beautiful animals that are found from the shallows to the abyss, gracing us with their beautiful forms and colours while playing a vital role in sustaining ocean ecosystems. This work is a celebration of them.