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How did you get the idea for that?

Often people ask me how I get ideas for my work. It's difficult to describe but I think there are loads of ideas in my head but they can be quite nebulous. More of a feeling and then something...a kind of trigger ..moves it out of me and into the workshop.

This piece is a peferct case in point...the first image is a drawing I made one evening in a hotel room while I was attending a course. I'd been watching a programme about boats and made me think about how the sea has provided for and supported mankind since the beginning of time. It's called 'the arms of the sea'

Arms of the Sea - water colour pencil @robertamasonartglass

Once I had the drawing, I replicated it in teracotta wax and made a kind of relief carving of it and let it develop organically. As the idea developed, I got the idea to create the sculpture in the shape of a sail, made the mould and cast the glass...

Arms of the Sea - Cast Glass Sculpture @robertamasonartglass

.. but it all started with the sentiment and drawing.

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