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Roberta Mason Seagrass Superhero sculptural blown glass

Artist. Designer. Maker.

Photo credit: Stephen Heaton

Roberta Mason's Seagrass Superhero I sculptural blown glass

Taking action against climate change is very important to me. Since 2021, I have spent time researching and finding ways to reduce my carbon footprint with a view to evolving my practice to be carbon neutral. We have made great progress which you can follow in my blog.

As part of these efforts, I'm very proud to introduce 3 new collections, 'Superhero' Seagrass, Beyond Words and One Drop - All made using our waste glass.

Roberta Mason Ocean Ice Sculptural blown glass
Ocean Ice

This work is inspired by wild places, beauty in nature and seeing from a different point of view. The result is the Ocean Ice Collection.

Roberta Mason's Porifera_waningred, sculptural blown glass

The Porifera and Most Charming Creatures collections are inspired by the amazing world of strange, wonderful marine creatures and our fundamental interconnectedness.

Shorebreak II blown glass sculpture by Roberta Mason

This collection is based on the interaction of water and land. Shorebreak is a different view of a breaking wave. An underwater view of the sea meeting the land and the magic that happens.

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