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Climate Collections

"We need to respect the oceans and take care of them as if our loves depended on it. Because they do." Sylvia Earle

Superhero Seagrass

Why Seagrass?  According to the WWF, Seagrass is the world’s only flowering plant capable of living in seawater and an incredible ally in the fight against climate change. Globally, seagrass captures carbon up to 35 times faster than tropical rainforests, accounting for 10-18% of total ocean carbon storage despite covering less than 0.1% of the seafloor. Seagrass can also help protect our coast from damaging storms and erosion through dampening the force of waves and is very effective at removing pollutants from our waters.

This collection is made with repurposed and re-melted waste glass in collaboration with the amazing @neilwilkinglass. Our aim is to help raise awareness of the importance of seagrass and we are donating 10% of the sales from this lovely collection to help raise funds for Seagrass Restoration projects. 

Beyond Words
Beyond Words

There is a wonderful book, 'Silence in the Age of Noise' by Norwegian Explorer, Erling kagge. He speaks about "the way that words create boundaries for our experiences." How we can sometimes spend so much time trying to find the words for an amazing experience instead of actually concentrating on the experience itself.

That's why I love diving. It's essentially non-verbal. A profound, highly visual or sensory experience that is quite beyond words. Shared only with those that were there, and in a smile or a look - few words. A lifetime of memory. Each piece in the Beyond Words collection is a celebration of a lifetime of these experiences and of those people I have been lucky enough to share these memories with.


For all the beauty we see, the emotions we feel, the sounds we hear, our loves and memories that take us beyond the bounds of language.

This collection has also been made from re-melted waste glass from our studio in west Wales.

Ocean Ice
Ocean Ice

This is the initial collection of my climate work, created when I found myself thinking about the state of the world, the miraculous healing of wild places as we withdrew and the beauty of nature. I find great inspiration and hope in the idea  'we care for the things we love' and the people who ceaselessly strive to show us why we should care. 

The Oceans Ice collection is inspired by the beautiful and evocative aerial images of Greenland by the artist and advocate, Roger Fishman. I was moved to make this work when viewing his images and researching the accelerating loss of ice mass due to climate change, which is now exposing ice from the last ice age. The beautiful colours, forms and patterns seem to belie the reality. I have used forms based on water vessels as a conduit for the imagery, as we often seem to use the earth and her oceans as a commodity. Let's change that. 

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